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by zombie343
Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:20 pm
Forum: AshitaCast Profiles
Topic: Ashitacast for DRK
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Re: Ashitacast for DRK

Thanks for doing this. Please keep it up. Incredibly helpful!
by zombie343
Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:25 pm
Forum: Addon Releases
Topic: Battlemod, looking for Testers
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Re: Battlemod, looking for Testers

I'm really grateful this is happening. It looks amazing.
by zombie343
Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:57 am
Forum: Help and Support
Topic: Multisend no group found
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Re: Multisend no group found

Yes, followme does get borked in that way :( Hoping to hear from Lolwutt for a fix or perhaps a superior/separate follow solution.
by zombie343
Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:00 pm
Forum: Plugin Releases
Topic: Repeat - New and Improved command repeater!
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Repeat - New and Improved command repeater!

Hi folks, If you're looking for a more granular way to execute commands in a repeated fashion, you're probably familiar with the repeat Lua addon, and it is terrible. I've decided to rewrite it in plugin form, with help from Atomos and Thorny. Here is the primary list of features: Allows interval be...