Ashita v2.3.1.4 - Private Server Freedom

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Ashita v2.3.1.4 - Private Server Freedom

Post by atom0s » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:17 pm

In the past, I started blocking certain private servers that had accepted donations for personal gain.
This was to protect the hard work of others and to prevent leeches from making money off doing close to nothing.

Since that time, the DarkStar development team itself has proven that it doesn't care about copyright or ownership themselves and instead are more interested in ego and fame.
Because of this, I have decided to remove all blocked servers from Ashita, allowing it to work anywhere once again.

Profit off of DarkStar all you want, I no longer care. I even encourage it, make money off it!

Should you feel the need or desire to donate to Ashita, you can do so here: ... Q2GRT6KUJN

Please note; donations are strictly a way to say thanks for Ashita. It does not get you anything special or secret. It does not enable access to anything. Ashita is free.

  • Removed all blocked private servers from using Ashita. Use Ashita on any server once again!
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