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Amelila's World of Warcraft ReShade Shader Preset

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:41 pm
by Amelila
Amelila's World of Warcraft ReShade Shader Preset

This is a ReShade preset fully compatible with World of Warcraft. It is designed to add a very cinematic look to the game, with vivid colors and Ambient Occlusion to create soft shadows where edges meet. It also creates soft shadows for each blade of grass, bush and other flora (looks really nice!).

Instructions: Setup ReShade on your PC by selecting Wow-64.exe (64bit PC's), or Wow.exe (x86). If you are using DirectX 10, select that option when setting up ReShade. Place the preset (download below) in your WoW directory, with the rest of the ReShade files.


- Ambient Occlusion
- Enhanced Sharpness
- Enhanced Color Correction
- Ambient LightFX
- LensFX
- Film Grain
- Soft Vignette
- Depth-of-Field (disabled by default)
- Motion Blur (disabled by default)


Screenshots (coming soon)