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Private Server Community Update

Post by atom0s » Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:49 pm

Hello everyone,

I am making this post in light of what has/is going on with the private server community, mainly the drama, in hopes to work towards removing some or most of it. This is mainly stemming from the sub-reddit that is used to advertise and discuss private servers. Lately, it has been riddled with a lot of drama from Nasomi's player base, however, it has had its share of drama from each server in the past as well.

In hopes to counter this, myself and another person (Gweivyth from Kupo) have banned together to start a new sub-reddit and Discord server to help shift focus on servers working together to have a more friendly community.

The new sub-reddit can be found here:
The new Discord can be found here:

(Everyone is free to join the Discord and use the sub-reddit.)

As a means to keep this new sub-reddit and Discord unbias and attempt at keeping the drama to an absolute minimum, we are giving [at least] 1 staff member from each server sub-reddit moderator status to help keep their personal server thread(s) and the community in general clean of drama. All staff/leadership roles are free to request being added to the servers role group on Discord so that you are listed under your servers name so if any users join and ask a question of your server, they can be use they are being responded to by someone official etc. Users of these roles on Discord will also be given access to assist with moderating the Discord and seeing a private moderator channel to allow all servers to openly talk to each other and discuss moderation goals, info, etc.

This is a means to make the community a more happy and friendly place for all servers to grow.

If you are the owner of a private server and wish to be added to any of the roles, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss proving your identity and moving forward with adding you to the team.
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