Ashita doesn't seem to be downloading files

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Ashita doesn't seem to be downloading files

Post by Kleinersaphire » Fri May 17, 2019 5:51 pm


Just installed Ashita. It doesn't seem to be correctly downloading files after running it. It just hangs a moment on each file it says its downloading, shows no download progress, then moves on to the next file.

I am running as administrator.

Ashita created a bunch of folders, but they are mostly empty.

Seems like it did not download the ashita.dll as this is the error I get when trying to run FFXI.

"System.Exception: Ashita.dll is missing; cannot inject!
at Ashita.Classes.AshitaInjector.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<LaunchConfiguration>b__0()"
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Re: Ashita doesn't seem to be downloading files

Post by atom0s » Fri May 17, 2019 6:21 pm

Make sure the following is met:
- You are running Ashita as an administrator.
- You are running Ashita from a folder you have proper permissions on. (ie. Don't run from a network path etc.)
- Your anti-virus is not blocking Ashita from connecting to the internet and downloading things.
- Your system proxy is not blocking/causing issues.
- Your firewall is not blocking/causing issues.

Ashita uses the built-in web socket stuff of the .NET framework from Microsoft, this makes use of the system wide proxy done through the Internet Explorer settings, so be sure to double check that isn't being redirected somewhere.

If you are using any monitoring programs like Fiddler/Wireshark, they could interfere with the connection as well or cause problems with SSL and such.

Also make sure the main Ashita.exe is not 'blocked' by Windows. (Right-click and go to Properties, and see if there is a button that says 'Unblock' in there.)
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