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Post by InoUno » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:30 am

Addon Name: ExpMon
Addon Author: InoUno
Addon Git: https://gitlab.com/InoUno/expmon


Addon Description:
ExpMon allows you to better track your exp sessions. It shows your XP, TNL, XP/hr, ETL (Estimated Time to Level), as well as chain countdown timers, so you will have an easier time knowing if you are able to hit that next chain or not!

It can also show you stats about your current exp session via a command. Stats include max chain #, total exp earned, and how long the exp session has lasted.

Addon Commands:
  • /xp reset|r - Resets the accumulated exp.
  • /xp stats|s - Shows stats about your current exp session.
  • /xp default - Reset the configuration to the default one.
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Re: ExpMon

Post by atom0s » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:11 am

Hello! Thanks for the new addon :)

Not to discourage you, we do have a plugin that does this similar functionality already, but it also includes tracking some additional things if you'd like to take a look and potentially add it to your addon. No one maintains the plugin any longer so a full-replacement addon for it would be nice to have if you are interested in taking that on:
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Re: ExpMon

Post by InoUno » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:49 pm

Yeah, I know of it :)

I actually considered adding the additional features like chain countdown and ETL to it, but decided not to for a few reason.
Main reason is because it is a plugin and not an addon, so it's harder to continue work and iterate on it. The other reason is that it seems to me to do too much actually.

I think it's better if the addon just focuses on doing exp things, and not mix in Dynamis and a whole bunch of other things. Also, a lot of the additional things I've never even heard of because I stopped playing retail in 2009, and since I'm playing on Eden now I will have a hard time play-testing them :P
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