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blusets - Manage Blue Mage Spell Sets Easily

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:42 am
by atom0s
Addon Author: atom0s
Addon Name: blusets
Addon Description:

Allows users to easily manage blue mage spell sets via commands.

  • /blusets list - Lists the available saved spell sets.
  • /blusets load [name] - Loads a saved spell set by name.
  • /blusets save [name] - Saves a spell set to the given file name.
  • /blusets delete [name] - Deletes a saved spell set by its name.
  • /blusets unset - Unsets all current set blue spells.
  • /blusets set [slotid] [spellid] - Sets a blue mage spell to the given slot by its spell id.

    You can use any of the following slash commands for this addon instead of just '/blusets':
    • /blusets
    • /bluesets
    • /bluset
    • /blueset
    • /bs
Please note; this addon HAS NOT been tested on retail. I cannot guarantee this will work on retail as expected. If anyone wishes to assist in testing on retail and ensuring this addon works fine, I am open to any help. Anyone that wishes to fix any retail specific things, feel free to submit a pull request for this addon here: