Ashita v3.0.0.15 Released

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Ashita v3.0.0.15 Released

Post by atom0s » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:34 pm

Hello everyone,

Another update to adjust/fix the update from earlier today. This also changes the way the things added earlier work.
  • Added new menu pointer internally to Ashita for internal usage purposes.
  • Refixed IsInputOpen again. This time it is using the menu system to ensure the status is valid. (Also now returns true for other methods of input.)
  • Added new command: /bindblock
/bindblock - This command will now be used to enable the feature that was added this morning. Instead of it being default on, this feature is now off by default. (This means that Ashita will function like it did before this mornings update.) For those that wish to enable this feature, simply type '/bindblock' in the chat and it will toggle the feature on and off. (You can add this to your default script, ie. Default.txt to automatically turn on this feature when your game is launched.)

This feature is useful if you bind single keys like:
/bind q /wave

By default, Ashita will not be able to type the letter 'q' into the chat bar now since it is bound. With /bindblock enabled, Ashita will ignore keybinds while input methods are open and instead allow the key to act as normal.

Currently, IsInputOpen checks for the following:
- The chat input window. (Where you type into chat.)
- The chat auto-translate sub-windows where you can pick an auto-translate option after pressing tab.
- The bazaar comment edit window.
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