Bootloader v1.0.0.4

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Bootloader v1.0.0.4

Post by atom0s » Tue May 02, 2017 12:05 am

Hello everyone,

Some minor updates to the bootloader for connecting to private servers.

  • General code cleanup.
  • Reoganized code comments to be single-line comments instead of block comments.
  • Reoganized code comments to remove some unneeded information.
  • Modified some code to better optimize some loops and such.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes and adjusted the console output some.
  • Adjusted some of the console output messages.
  • Added proper spin count delay for critical section based on CPU thread count.
  • Fixed the bug report link to be the new Ashita v3 repository link.
  • Added some more sleeps to some loops in spots that could spike the CPU usage.
This update was mainly for some general code cleanup and to better help with some random CPU spikes that could happen, mainly while dualboxing.

The bootloader should auto-download via the launcher.
Please make sure that you have all instances of the game closed (private server instances) in order for the bootloader to properly update!
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