WindowerInput Update (New 'Key Press' Handler)

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WindowerInput Update (New 'Key Press' Handler)

Post by atom0s » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:31 pm

Hello everyone,

One of the more recent things that have been discussed in our Discord is the accuracy of key presses when sending commands from third-party tools and such. Secondly while queueing up commands to send presses (down then up) manually.

Sadly, WindowerInput mimics the old and outdated WindowerHelper protocols to ensure third-party apps that worked for Windower also work for Ashita. So we can't change much in terms of what is already implemented as we do not want to break any existing usage of apps. Instead, we have begun adding new custom handling of things to extend what the protocols allow.

First up, is the new addition of a full "key-press" event to the keyboard handler. Rather than manually sending both a key down and key up event, you can now send a single key press event which will press the key down and up automatically.

At this time the command layout for the keyboard MMF is:
- 0x0000 - Reserved.
- 0x0001 - Set Key State
- 0x0002 - Set Block Input
- 0x0003 - Send Command

Ashita has now added:
- 0x03E8 - Key Press

Only 1 param is needed for this new call which is the key id to be pressed.
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