Ashita v2 to v3 Conversion List

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Ashita v2 to v3 Conversion List

Post by atom0s » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:40 am

Here is a list of the known addons / plugins and their conversion status from v2 to v3.
If I missed anything sorry, this is what was validated and approved to be part of the Ashita launcher for v2.

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-- Plugins
Addons              - Done.
ashitacast          - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt.)
ashitairc           - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
autojoin            - Done. (Converted to an addon.)
bellhop             - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
crafty              - Done.
deeps               - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
dressme             - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
duration            - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
enternity           - Done. (Ported as an addon, no need for a plugin form as well.)
fishingfix          - Done. (This is no longer needed, the bug was finally fixed about 2 years later.)
gearlock            - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
greed               - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
guildwork           - Done.
hideconsole         - Done. Converted to an addon.
ItemTools           - Done. (Not porting, replaced by Bellhop which is more effective and efficient.)
lootwhore           - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
MusicMod            - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
navi                - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
no-ckback           - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
novo                - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
Paste               - Done. (Built into Ashita v3 now.)
Peekaboo            - Done. (Converted to an addon.)
Screenshot          - Done.
Servo               - Done.
SexChange           - Done. (Converted to an addon.)
shorthand           - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
status              - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
statustimers        - Done. (Ported by Lolwutt)
stfu                - Done. (Converted to an addon.)
Timestamp           - Done. (Converted to an addon. Needs to be finished.)
volumizer           - (Awaiting developer to port to v3.)
WatchDog            - Done.
watchexp            - Done.
WindowerInput       - Done.

-- Addons
ahgo                - Done.
allmaps             - Done.
antiemote           - Done.
autojoin            - Done. (Ported from the v2 Autojoin plugin.)
autorespond         - Done.
blumon              - Done.
blusets             - Done.
cfhblock            - Done.
chamcham            - Done.
chatmon             - Done.
clock               - Done.
craftmon            - Done.
deathtoll-lite      - (Awaiting developer to port.)
debuff              - Done.
distance            - Done.
drawdistance        - Done.
enternity           - Done.
filterless          - Done.
filters             - Done. (New addon to attempt to enforce chat filters on private servers.)
filterscan          - Done.
find                - Done.
fps                 - Done.
gateway             - Done.
gmcommand           - Done.
hideconsole         - Done. (New addon, ported from the v2 HideConsole plugin.)
ibar                - Done.
ime                 - Done.
imguistyle          - Done.
instantah           - Done. (New addon, removes the wait between AH actions such as bidding.)
itemwatch           - Done.
links               - Done.
lotomatic           - Done.
macrofix            - Done.
mapdot              - Done.
nomad               - Done.
onevent             - Done.
paranormal          - Done.
pbar                - Done.
peekaboo            - Done. (New addon, ported from the v2 Peekaboo plugin.)
petinfo             - Done.
recast              - Done.
repeater            - Done.
sexchange           - Done. (New addon, ported from the v2 SexChange plugin.)
singlerace          - Done.
skeletonkey         - Done. (Rewritten to work differently and more effective than before.)
sparks              - (Awaiting developer to port.)
synplicity          - Done.
tparty              - Done.
timestamp           - Done. (Replaced the v2 Timestamp plugin fully.)
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