Ashita v3 Is Live!

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Ashita v3 Is Live!

Post by atom0s » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:41 pm

Hello everyone,
  • Since the birth of Ashita, the Ashita Development Team has worked hard to bring everyone a stable, enjoyable and freedom felt platform to enjoy playing Final Fantasy XI on. From the start, Ashita strived to be an open platform for developers of all forms to come together and work on plugins for the project. With the open source SDK (known as the ADK, or Ashita Development Kit), the project has seen many great additions in the form of plugins and addons. We have had many developers come and go as their life and free time allows them to take part in the project and from that we have a great base of third-party extensions written for the Ashita project.

    Ashita v1 was given birth by RZN, originally dubbed FFACE V but later broken out into a full windowing platform with plugins, on Aug 19, 2011. The original concept was to replace the FFACE project with an injected hook that included common features such as windowing the game and plugins. However, due to design changes and alterations to the project, it was instead turned into a separate project and given its name 'Ashita' on Feb 20. 2012. Around version of Ashita v1, I, atom0s, joined the project as a plugin developer helping bring Ashita up to par with a set of plugins most people have grown to enjoy from other projects. I was soon after granted core access and became a lead developer along side of RZN.

    I helped shape Ashita v1 into a full featured windowing hook with a full scale plugin system and set of base plugins.
    I later introduced the idea of Lua scripting into Ashita via the LuaCast plugin which pioneered the addon systems used in Ashita and Windower today.

    After many updates to Ashita v1, I felt it was time to revamp Ashita and bring the core up to date at the time. In my free time, I began working on Ashita v2 with the focus on really revamping the plugin system.

    You can read the full history of Ashita v1/v2 here:

    Since then I have strived to ensure that Ashita has been a solid, stable and enjoyable platform for all our users new and old.
    We strive to be a welcoming alternative to Windower for those that wish to try something new or to try something, as our users put it, more stable.

    There is no ill-will or competition between us and Windower, at least not on our end. We are a laid back group of friends that enjoy what we do and enjoy sharing our work with others.
The Birth of Ashita v3
  • Over the last few months I have had some talks with Lolwutt, an Ashita Developer, about things he feels could be improved on within Ashita. The main things he mentioned were the callbacks exposed to plugins and some of the lacking features of them and limitations that came along with them. We discussed some methods of improving things such as the packet handling and how plugins are informed of certain data and created some new guidelines to help plan out the newer callbacks. After reviewing the code and plugins that were in current iteration for Ashita v2, it was more feesible to instead, rewrite Ashita, than try and update the existing framework to work within the new guidelines. This was also a great chance to really optimize some of the core code and remove some stale unneeded parts as well such as the old UI system. Rather than doing major patches to v2, it was deemed fit to instead start the development of v3 and port the existing addons and plugins over when ready.
Ashita v3
  • With some guidelines in place, I began working on Ashita v3 about 2-3 months ago in my spare time. During the beginning of development things were slow as my free time was little to none. However in the recent month or two I've gained a bit more free time and was able to really focus on development more. So with the information above, I had set some key points to work on for Ashita v3.
    • Full rewrite to optimize and modernize the Ashita core. (C++11/14 features, cint types, etc.)
    • Core code cleanup and commenting, now making use of JSDoc style comments across the whole project.
    • Enhanced plugin system with better callbacks for things such as the packet handlers and similar.
    • Added and improved callbacks for things such as command handling and incoming/outgoing text.
    • Exposure of more Direct3D calls that are commonly used in hacks/cheats to assist with various things.
    • Removal of old unused things such as AnTweakBar UI system, which has been succeeded by the newer ImGui UI system.
    • Massive overhaul and cleanup of the plugin SDK (known as the ADK).
    • And much more!
    A full list of working changes can be found here from the development process of Ashita v3:

You can find the download to the current Ashita v3 launcher here: ... Ashita.exe

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Re: Ashita v3 Is Live!

Post by atom0s » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:42 pm

Thanks and Shoutouts

Ashita would not be possible without the continued support and contributions from various people.
While it is hard to thank everyone that hs done something for this project as keeping track of every name is impossible, I would like to thank those that are a constant help or have been helpful to the project in the past (in no special order):
  • RZN, h1pp0, Lolwutt
  • Hypnotoad, MalRD, matix
  • Vicrelant, bluekirby0, eradicate
  • Apogee, Julian, Nospheratu
  • Praenuntiae, Venrell, Xenosmurf
Huge thanks to the following third party resources and libraries which are used within Ashita and its launcher:
  • Microsoft Detours
  • TinyXML2, Nlohmann JSON
  • Lua, LuaBind
  • ImGui (and previously AnTweakBar)
  • Patrick Wyatt (for his thread safe List implementation)
  • Galasoft.MvvmLight Toolkit, Xceed WPF Toolkit, MahApps.Metro
  • Newtonsoft.Json
Massive thanks to those that have supplied me with access to retail accounts whenever it has been needed.
Massive thanks to all my beta testers who have done thorough testing for me, especially my friend Jessica (Immortality / Thrice).

And a huge thanks to the users of Ashita and those that have given it a chance and tried it out. Without your use, support and interest in our project, we would not be here today!
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