Ashita v3.1.1.0 Released

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Ashita v3.1.1.0 Released

Post by atom0s » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:14 pm

Hello everyone,

Ashita v3.1.1.0 has been pushed out tonight. This update includes the following.

  • Fixed issue where some managers would fail to reinitialize properly when exiting to PlayOnline then back to FFXI.
  • Added a lot of new logging to help diagnose some issues with managers loading.
While 'Debug' logging is enabled, you will see a bit larger files created as the new logging will output each time a manager initializes, updates and releases. This is helpful for us to determine if there is an issue with a manager properly being used internally.

As a reminder, Ashita does not automatically clear log files. You can find these logs within the /logs/ folder inside of your Ashita install folder. By default, Ashita does use 'Debug' mode for its logging. It is recommended to clear this folder periodically as it will continue to grow in size as time goes on.
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