Ashita v2 Now Discontinued

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Ashita v2 Now Discontinued

Post by atom0s » Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:54 pm

Hello everyone,

Today I am fully deeming Ashita v2 discontinued. Ashita v3 has been in the open for a few weeks now and has been beta tested for over a month with no major issues or reports of problems. Because of this, I am marking Ashita v2 as discontinued / unsupported. Last nights retail update has broken one of the main pointers in Ashita v2 which will render a lot of things in it unusable. While this is not the ideal method to have it die out, I do not plan to update it any longer or fix it.

Ashita v3 has about 98% of all the v2 addon/plugins ported over already and even new things such as Minimap, Dats, and a handful of new addons.
I encourage everyone to make the switch and start using Ashita v3 as soon as possible.

Important Note On Upgrading to Ashita v3
  • Ashita v3 is NOT a drop-in replacement of Ashita v2. You cannot use Ashita v2's addons/plugins files with Ashita v3.
    You need to install things fresh and reconfigure things as you like them.

    Because of how things were rewritten and optimized it was not possible to allow older v2 things work on Ashita v3.
    However, this is not hard or time-consuming to work with and getting things back to how you like them is pretty quick and easy.

    To download and install Ashita v3, you can find the new launcher here: ... Ashita.exe

    This launcher extracts and downloads files as soon as it's open, it is important to place it in a folder by itself!
    I recommend and encourage people to install Ashita to:

    Or if you have v2 already installed there, try this instead:
    C:\Ashita v3\

    Once you have launched Ashita v3's launcher and allowed it to update and download its files, you can then begin configuring things as well as download addons and plugins that you wish to use!

  • Q. How can I make an addon or plugin automatically load when I start the game?
    A. You can add commands to your default script to do this. You can find that script within: <Path To Ashita>\scripts\Default.txt

    Q. Was 'x' addon/plugin converted to Ashita v3?
    A. You can look at the list of addons and plugins within the launcher. If something is missing you can request it is converted and we will work on getting it ported to v3 as best we can. Please keep in mind not all addons and plugins are made by the Ashita development team, so we cannot port everything over.

    Q. Where can I report bugs or issues?
    A. You can report issues on the new Ashita v3 git website. This is where you can find all the projects that are part of Ashita v3 that are available in the launcher. Q. Ashita is failing to inject stating the PlayOnline registry key could not be found / read?
    A. Be sure that you have selected the proper PlayOnline language in your configuration. Ashita will not automatically detect your POL install as many users have multiple versions of PlayOnline installed so it is easier/better to have users select it manually.

Developers and Further Information

Ashita v3, while having some major changes from v2, is very similar to v2's core. Thus most of the information on the Ashita v2 wiki is valid for Ashita v3.
I do plan to try and update the wiki to include Ashita v3 specific informaton as soon as possible but it is not easy to be doing [mostly] everything by myself.
So time is something I have little of. You can find the Ashita v2 wiki here:
Lead Ashita Developer

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