Some questions

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Some questions

Post by Lepetit89 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:57 am

I'm currently trying to figure out Ashitacast and I've been browsing the attached documentation and checked the threads here, but the closest I could find was a list of buffs.

Assuming I want to use an ability and utilize the gearswaps for pre-/midcast, this would be done via the following command, correct?

/ac action [Target Index] [ma/ws/ja/ra] [action ID if not ra]

I'm just having a hard time finding out which ID would be applicable for, say, sentinel. Assuming the ID was 5, would the ingame-command for proper utilization of gearswaps be /ac action <me> /ja 5 ?

Furthermore, for regular spells, the XML-file seems to assume that I want to switch in precast-gear (Fast Cast, for instance) and then midcast-gear (Phalanx-enhancing equipment, for instance). Is there any way to use a different set for midcast, spell interruption rate, for instance, and then switch to the Phalanx-enhancing equipment right before the spell finishes?

I'm having a really hard time figuring these out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Some questions

Post by matix » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:11 pm

you can use your spells/abilties normally, you don't have to exclusively use /ac action etc.. for ashitacast swaps to be detected and work

what ive done, and seen done in other peoples xml's, is to make a toggle for casting in SID stuff vs phalanx/ehnancing etc.. stuff, otherwise it would be elaborate timing to try to tell it to wear SID until a certain % of casting, thats not impossible to do with addons/plugins, but it'd be alot of work when the "toggle" button is a usually a nice medium, some examples i think for this are in the brd sample xml, the /singstring, and /stringonce, could be reconfigured in a manner to tell your ac to use SID set on either a toggle where the next spell cast uses SID or as an example(what i did, etc.) /sid phalanx would cast phalanx in your SID set, and than you could have a seperate macro for the SID'd phalanx.

i hope i made some sense, good luck, lol
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