MultiBox tools question

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MultiBox tools question

Post by Kuluu » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:56 pm

Recently I've found myself multi boxing more and more and as I'm about to add a third char I find myself trying to find a means to mimic movement commands across multiple instances of the game, I was wondering if Ashita supports something like that?

To be clear I want to be able to run forward on one char, or turn a direction and my other chars will mimic the movement as if I was inputing it into their window directly, and then stop when I stop on my main char, and I dont mean just autofollow, weather all 3 are near each other or not.

Also I've noticed a lot of 6 boxers who run up to npcs who generally have menu dialogues and clearly input the needed commands on all characters in the time it takes to do one, like homepoint warps, assualt mission/tags, buying merit point key items, ect (the obvious ones).

Just really looking for a multibox tool similar to what other mmos have, like ISboxer, where I can mimic my keypresses across all clients at the same time. I'm well aware of multisend for sending specific action commands to other clients, which is all good, just wondered if it goes a bit further with movement/menu selection or just any input in general repeated by all clients.
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Re: MultiBox tools question

Post by atom0s » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:02 am

Just MultiSend and Servo are available which have auto follow but not movement mimicking like you are describing.

The automated menu handling is generally done with custom addons that handle the menus with packets. You can join the Ashita discord server and chat with others and ask for help or if they would share their custom scripts with you that handle these kinds of things. Most of our users/devs are friendly and willing to share most stuff. Full-on botting like things that are used for this generally aren't added to the main launcher, so you usually have to ask others for them.
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