Addons Plugin Update

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Addons Plugin Update

Post by atom0s » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:50 am

  • Added FindPatternEx to memory functions. (See notes for more info.)
  • Changed memory read functions to use exception handling to prevent crashes on invalid readings.
  • Changed memory read functions to default return 0 if an exception is thrown.
    • This change does not apply to ReadArray and ReadString currently.

The FindPatternEx function is a more optimized pattern scanning function that makes things much cleaner and easier to use.
The format of this function is:

Code: Select all

mem.FindPatternEx(module_name, pattern, offset, usageCount);
  • module_name - should be the name of the module you want to scan within. (ex. 'FFXiMain.dll')
  • pattern - Should be a string containing your desired pattern. Wildcards are treated as '??'. (This should not contain any spaces!)
  • offset - The offset to add to the result when found.
  • usageCount - The pointer to use when found. Useful if your pattern matches multiple addresses and you need to use a specific one.
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