Ashita and Private Servers

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Ashita and Private Servers

Post by atom0s » Tue May 17, 2016 8:43 pm

Someone brought this to my attention that DSP has now 'deprecated' Ashita:

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kjLotus: fyi to everyone: i removed ashita from the setup guide
kjLotus: consider it officially deprecated from our standpoint
DSP does not control Ashita nor the manner in which it connects to servers. Ashita is not deprecated, undeveloped, abandoned etc. in any manner and works perfectly fine on retail as well as private servers. Nothing here has changed and nothing has changed on DSP to make a difference. This is due to past conflicts between myself and kj.

Support for Ashita has never come from the DSP team, support has always been by the Ashita development team.
Ashita will always continue to work on private servers given that there is nothing restricting it from connecting to them.

As always, if you have issues with Ashita, you can get support either on this forum, on our IRC channel, or on our bug tracker. Nothing has changed.
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