Ashita v2 Past Changelog

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Ashita v2 Past Changelog

Post by atom0s » Sat May 14, 2016 6:14 pm

Here is a list of the past changes made to Ashita.

v2.0.0.0 -> v2.0.0.30

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    Fixed Ashita for todays update. (More minor updates to come.)
    Removal of EU languages from resource parser.

    Bumped interface version to 1.02.
    Added new mouse input enumeration for types of events being passed to button click callbacks.
    Added new party member job information functions.
    Added support for extended mouse buttons to interact with font objects.
    Added support for mouse move events to be sent to font object callbacks.
    Added support for mouse wheel events to be sent to font object callbacks.
    Removed the documentation index, instead it now links to the main Ashita site.
    Removed the documentation changelog. Use the Ashita website instead for the full changelog.

    Updated for 09.09.2014 update.
    Fixed entity structure.
    Fixed inventory structure.
    Fixed party structure.
Released: 9.02.2014
    FIX Misc minor fixes for various small bugs and updates.
    CHG Internal code fixes and changes to font objects to proper align and move with new click handlers. (Thanks kjLotus!)
    FIX Font objects that are hidden should no longer swallow click events.

Released: 8.12.2014
    FIX Fixed inventory structure for new game update.
    FIX Fixed player structure for new game update.

Released: 8.08.2014
    FIX Fixed background texture resizing while using texture files. (THanks kjLotus!)
Released: 8.07.2014
    ADD Added new /blockmouse command to fully block the mouse.
Released: 8.06.2014
    FIX Fixed a null pointer crash with newest font object changes.

Released: 8.06.2014
    ADD Font objects can now align based on anchor points.
    ADD Font objects can now anchor to other font objects.
    ADD Font objects can now have click handlers set to handle mouse clicks.

Released: 7.28.2014
    FIX Fixed an issue that would cause font objects to not properly save their positions if they use negative values.
    FIX Fixed an issue that would cause empty text objects to still show a background (if visible).
    CHG Font objects will no longer force update their primitives if the SetPosition coords match the previous coords.
    CHG Font objects will no longer force update their primitives if the SetText string matches the previous text.
    FIX Fixed an issue with keybinds that would cause the main key bound to not be blocked properly.

Released: 7.11.2014
    FIX Fixed an issue that caused Ashita to crash when exiting to PlayOnline then trying to replay FFXI in the same instance.

Released: 7.08.2014
    FIX Fixed broken inventory structure from 07/07/2014 update.
    FIX Fixed broken party structure offset from 07/07/2014 update.
    FIX Fixed broken party structure from 07/07/2014 update.
    FIX Fixed ChatMon issues with incoming emotes.
    REM Removed default configuration scripts for ChatMon and Recast.
    ADD Added configurations to Distance and added some new features.
    ADD Screenshot plugin now supports PNG (and uses it as default).
    ADD Added new /gamepad command to allow background usage of controllers.

Released: 6.24.2014
    CHG Font objects will now render their background even if they have no text.
    ADD Addons plugin now exposes 'SetTextureFromFile' for font backgrounds.
    ADD Readded the /move command for moving the window and resizing it.
    REM Removed unneeded alpha launcher/loader and batch file.
    REM Removed default configuration scripts.
    REM Removed most addons from the core repo and moved to their own.

Released: 6.17.2014
    FIX Fixed broken inventory structure from 06/17/2014 update.
    FIX Fixed broken player structure offset from 06/17/2014 update.
    FIX Fixed broken player structure from 06/17/2014 update.
    ADD Added new command /areload - Reloads the pointer manager and resource manager file.
    FIX Fixed more broken inventory things..

Released: 6.09.2014
    FIX Fixed issue with LoadConfiguration not appending the file extension .xml
    FIX Fixed issue with SaveConfiguration not appending the file extension .xml
    FIX Fixed missing virtual function SetConfigValue in IConfiguration interface.

Released: 5.14.2014
    REM Removed the Lua engine inside the Ashita Core.
    REM Removed the ScriptEngine in the Ashita Core.
    ADD Added new ConfigurationManager to replace the configuration files from the old ScriptEngine. (Now using XML)
    FIX Fixed some internal compiler warnings due to casting of objects.
    CHG Recoded how the pointer manager loads its pointers. (Now found within ashita.pointers.xml)
    CHG Recoded how the resource manager loads its data. (Now found within ashita.datmap.xml)
    REM Removed old Lua configuration files.
    REM Removed old read me file.
    REM Removed old dummy file from logs folder.
    ADD Added new XML boot configurations.
    ADD Added new XML data files. (ashita.datmap.xml and ashita.pointers.xml).
    CHG Updated ADK to work with latest game update (05.14.2014).

Released: 5.02.2014
    FIX Crash issue with plugin loading with priorities.
    FIX Priority based plugin loading to properly work.
    FIX Bug(s) that would cause input from third-party applications to not work as desired.
    FIX Bug that would cause ALT to be stuck down when ALT+Tabbing from the game window.
    FIX Sequence repeating issues with WindowerInput plugin.
    ADD New data tools bit packing/unpacking to the ADK. (AS_Data.h)
    ADD Added events and packets libraries for Addons.

Released: 4.24.2014
    CHG Recoded ITarget interface to use the target arrow instead of window.
    ADD ItemTools plugin.

Released: 4.23.2014
    REM Removed Gwen UI library. (Sadly, too many problems to use this lib.)
    REM Removed GuiManager as it is no longer needed.
    REM Removed input handling code that was used for Gwen.
    REM Removed DefaultSkin.png as it is no longer needed.
    FIX AnimationPlay inside of Entity now returns and sets as an unsigned char as it should.

Released: 4.14.2014
    REM Addons are no longer part of the Ashita core.
    REM Addon handling code from all managers.
    REM Unneeded Luabind code / library.
    ADD Added: GetEntity to IEntity, however plugins SHOULD NOT use this function! (Needed for new Addons plugin.)
    ADD Added: New Addons plugin, has all same features as the original /addon commands.

Released: 4.14.2014 (This log includes updates that were pushed after was released.)
    FIX Fixed inclusion loops with addon libraries.
    CHG Rewrote the plugin manager entirely to adjust for several lockups.
    FIX Fixed issue when two or more plugins were loaded, Ashita would freeze.
    ADD Some more detailed output from the plugin manager for loading and unloading plugins.
    FIX Issue with chat manager pointer.
    FIX Issue with log message pointer.
    FIX Issue where plugins that altered new chat lines would not effect the result.
    FIX Issue with dir_exists always returning true.
    FIX Issue where command parser could crash the game with no command.
    ADD Recast addon.
    ADD (Addons) file:get_install_dir - Returns the given installation path for FFXI, POL, Tetramaster etc.
    ADD (Addons) file:get_dirs - Gets a list of directories within the given path.
    CHG (Addons) newchat now accepts two return values. - The first is always a boolean if the line should be blocked. - The second is a string that will overwrite the current chat text. (This return is optional!)
    CHG (Addons) incoming_packet and outgoing_packet now accepts two return values. - The first is always a boolean if the packet should be blocked. - The second is a table of the new packet data to overwrite the current one with. (This return is optional!)
    FIX Typo in OnEvent addon.
    CHG (Addon) Log library now prints out the addon using the log functions.
    CHG (Addon) Settings library now automatically creates the directory for the settings file if it does not exist.
    ADD (Addon) file.normalize_path(path) and file.path_from_dir(dir) inside of the settings library.
    ADD (Addon) string.remove(s, index) to the string library.
    CHG Internal code for addon handling has been massively overhauled and cleaned up.
    FIX Minor issue with SetInputText's carrot injection.

Released: 4.07.2014
    FIX Minor bug with obtaining entity objects.
    ADD (Addons) file table for misc file related functions.
    ADD (Addons) misc table for misc helpful functions.
    ADD (Addons) sound table for sound related functions.
    ADD (Addons) GetEntity(index) - Returns an entity at the given index.
    ADD (Addons) GetPlayerEntity() - Returns the current players entity.
    ADD (Addons) string.insert, string.hex, string.fromhex, string.clean, string.startswith, string.endswith, string.upperfirst, string.topropercase, string.lpad, string.rpad
    ADD (Addons) table.sum, table.mult, table.min, table.max
    ADD (Addons) log library for simple log output to the game chatlog. (Includes: log_message, log_warning, log_error)
    ADD (Addons) color library for generating FFXI specific color strings for the chat log. (Includes: get_ffxi_color, string.color, string.stripcolor, string.stripautotrans)

Released: 4.06.2014
    FIX Issues with TParty scaling.
    FIX Issues with OnEvent not working to remove triggers with spaces.
    FIX Crash when using /shutdown
    CHG Cleaned up the plugin unloading code when the manager is released.
    CHG Changed where plugins announce they are unloaded, fixing the above bug.
    CHG Adjusted some unloading code.
    CHG Logger now uses a const char* as the format.
    FIX Fixed a bug with controller input causing the game to freeze. (Thanks Vicrelant for the testing.)
    FIX Fixed issue where plugins would not receive Direct3DRelease calls.

Released: 4.04.2014
    FIX Fixed issue with plugins not receiving render and prerender events.
    ADD Added keyboard callbacks for plugins to attach to keyboard data.
    CHG Adjusted how the keyboard blocks key data to allow callbacks to work while the game is out of focus.
    CHG Adjusted the order of how things render. (Font -> Plugins -> Addons -> Gui)
    CHG Adjusted plugin loading output to show the proper name and not what the user typed to load the plugin.
    ADD PluginManager will now inform the user if a plugin is already loaded when trying to load a plugin.
    ADD Added output from the plugin manager when a plugin is unloaded.
    FIX Issue with ItemEntry fields all returning the item id instead of their proper values.
    FIX Fixed issue with TParty not properly setting its position on altered menu resolutions.
    CHG Rewrote the command handler some to cleanup various commands and to prevent more crashes.
    CHG Rewrote certain command handler entries to output syntax info on incorrect usage.
    CHG Adjusted order of when addons obtain commands. (Plugins -> Addons -> Ashita -> Game)
    ADD /alias command now binds alias' without requiring add sub-command. (Ex. /alias derp /say derp)
    ADD New command /maximize to maximize the FFXI window.
    FIX Some minor issues with /addon commands.
    CHG Adjusted when the startup script (if any was defined) is executed.
    CHG Massive overhaul on the usage of Ashita::AS_String in the core. This is no longer used for the interface exposed functions.
    FIX Addons not unloading when the game was closed.
    FIX Bug with plugin manager not properly unloading plugins when closing the game.
    CHG Reordered the process of how managers internally are unloaded to help prevent crashes.
    CHG Updated the Default.txt to have an actual format and load common data.

Released: 4.01.2014
    ADD QueueCommand for Lua addons to prevent event overwriting.
    FIX Crash that would occur on invalid /alias commands.
    FIX Crash that would occur on invalid /plugin commands.
    FIX Crash that would occur on invalid /addon commands.

Released: 4.01.2014
    ADD Added /alias list - to list all current alias binds.
    ADD Added /alias clearall - to delete all current alias binds.
    ADD Added keybinds internally handled within the core.
    CHG Target health and ID are now read from the entity structure instead of from the target structure.
    FIX Fixed windows key working while game had focus.
    ADD Addons now have access to memory functions. (These can be accessed by the mem table. See below.)
    ADD Addons can now access the global libs folder located at Scripts\addons\libs
    FIX Fixed alignment issue with entity structure.
    ADD Several addons have been ported from v1 plugins and are now included.
    CHG FPS addon now has configurations as an example.
    CHG Addons now display more information when loaded.

Released: 3.28.2014
    ADD /alias is now included in Ashita.
    ADD /windowframe and /window_toggleframe commands to toggle the window frame on and off.
    CHG Default font size is now 12 when an object is first created.
    ADD Addons should now be more descriptive when they fail to load or fail an event.
    FIX Minor issue with the launcher not working for some.
    FIX Issue with plugins not loading at all due to memory bounds issues.
    CHG ADK main header has been adjusted for the plugin issues.
    FIX Logging output for some plugin stuff was displayed as Error when it was not an error.
    FIX Issue with resource parser not parsing spells properly.
    CHG Renamed default script to Default.txt
    FIX Crash with plugin commands not checking their arguments.
    ADD Added newIDirectInputDevice8A.h to the ADK.
    FIX Plugin manager showing error in log when doing something successfully.

Released: 3.28.2014
    ADD New plugin requirement function: GetInterfaceVersion
    ADD Added ambient lighting commands.
    ADD Luabind class_info function binding.
    FIX Minor issue with addons that don't implement load/unload events.
    FIX Several issues with injected packets.
    FIX Bug with locking font object positions.
    FIX Bug with keyboard wrapper.
    FIX Bug with script engine not working on all machines due to path issues.
    FIX Bug with controllers working in the background instead of the foreground.

Released: 3.25.2014
    FIX ParseAutoTranslate was not working at all.
    FIX Controllers not staying set to the focused window.
    FIX Controllers causing input when FFXI lost or gained focus.
    REM Test code that was accidentally left in.
    ADD Implemented startup script, uses .txt scripts and not Lua!
    ADD Internal chat messages now queue and print when finally logged into the game.
    ADD Implemented plugin initialization for Direct3D.
    ADD Scripts can now comment lines using # or // at the start of the line.
    ADD ADK is now implemented into the release package and will be in the next update.
    ADD InputManager is now added and exposed to obtain data for the mouse and keyboard.
    ADD Full mouse blocking that was always requested in v1. The mouse will completely not work anymore if enabled.
    ADD Luabind's function to class_info to allow people to print out an objects information that is exposed from Ashita.
    FIX Issue with packet handling not properly copying packets incoming and outgoing when injecting them.
    FIX Issue with addon functions AddOutgoingPacket and AddIncoming packet not properly copying packet data.
    ADD Ability to hide/show all objects via the font manager.
    ADD Added minimize command.
    REM Removed test font object.

Released: 3.19.2014
    ADD Ashita's font objects are now moveable with the mouse by holding shift and clicking on them.
    CHG Ashita's extensions are now referred to as plugins.
    CHG Ashita's plugin interface is completely revamped and focused on minimizing breaking plugins when Ashita updates.
    CHG Changed Ashita's GUI system from AnTweakBar to Gwen. (Thanks to MalRD's help with the Gwen renderer for Direct3D8!)
    FIX Fixed bug that would cause character movement when Ashita lost and regained focus. (Ex. alt+tab, or minimizing to tray.)
    FIX Fixed bug that would cause packets to be dropped improperly when handling a packet within a stacked packet chunk.
    FIX Fixed bug that would cause the mouse to not snap to the proper place when allowing the game to handle mouse movements.
    FIX Fixed bug that would cause Ashita to crash when sending commands to the game from a startup script.
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Re: Ashita v2 Changelog

Post by atom0s » Sat May 14, 2016 7:58 pm

v2.1.0.0 -> v2.1.0.12

Code: Select all

    Fixed broken armor / weapon dat parsing.
    Minor update.
    - Interface version bumped to 1.06.
    - Added new storage type, Safe2 to inventory structure.
    - Fixed broken entity structure.
    - Fixed broken inventory structure.
    - Fixed broken target structure.
    - Fixed broken spell / ability dat parsing.
    - Fixed recast addon not working properly.
    - Fixed player pointer mask.
    - Fixed dat parsing for common items.
    - Fixed dat parsing again.

    Fixed broken inventory structure.
    Fixed broken target structure.
    Fixed broken resource parsing for spells and abilities.

    Added adjustments to gamepad command.
    Added missing pointers file.

    Removal of the pointer map.
    Removed the ashita.pointers.xml file.
    Moved all pointers internally.
    Pointers are now scanned for threaded via async.
    Fixed the player structure.
    Fixed the spell data parsing.

    Fixed broken entity and player structures.
    Blocked new private server from using Ashita.

    Added the has ability and such.
    Added pet mp to the entity.h structure. (Unsure if this value updates properly on retail.)
    Updated pointers for latest game client.
    Fixed inventory structure.
    Interface version bumped to 1.04.
    Added new pointers for new functions.
    Added new functions to player object: HasAbility, HasKeyItem, HasPetCommand, HasSpell, HasTrait, HasWeaponSkill.
    Fixed resource manager parsing for weapon dat files.
    Added new ItemLevel to IItem object returned from the resource manager for armor and weapons.
    Recoded the pointer scanner to use a more efficient and faster method of scanning for signatures.

    Updated pointer file (missed in last check-in).
    Fixed AddToChat hook with the new client changes.
    Fixed inventory structure.
    Fixed player structure.
    Fixed target pointer offset.

    Fixed player structure definition for new unknown skill.
    Added player structure definition for riding and unknown craft skills.
    Fixed a compiler warning in the gui code.

    Fixed entity structure for new update.
    Fixed inventory structure for new update.
    Fixed player structure for new update.

    Increased ASHITA_INTERFACE_VERSION to 1.03.
    Removed double loading of resources. (Should help speed up load times a little.)
    Added AntTweakBar UI implementation from original Ashita v1 (credit to RZN for the original version).
    Added input handling for the new UI. New UI should have priority over everything else.
    Added UI rendering after all other rendering. It should be drawn over every other object. (Including plugins.)
    Fixed issue with plugin API invoking buttons from new UI causing crashes. (Calling convention issues.)
    Added more input checking for the new UI system to be more thorough.
    Adjusted AUiButtonCallback to include the var name invoking the callback.
    Minor tweak to span minimized UI windows across the top-left.
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Re: Ashita v2 Changelog

Post by atom0s » Sat May 14, 2016 8:05 pm

v2.2.0.0 -> v2.2.0.17

Code: Select all

    Fixed broken SetInputText function not working properly.
    Updated boot loader binary.

    Refixed player structure. (Thanks Lolwutt!)
    Updated code for latest game client.
    - Fixed broken inventory structure.
    - Fixed broken player structure.
    - Fixed entity structure.
    Fixed broken player buffs.
    Fixed broken keyitems pointer.

v2.2.0.13 (Skipped .12 apparently..)
    Updated interface to version 1.09.
    Updated IEntity to remove PetTP.
    Updated IPlayer to add GetPetTP.
    Fixed broken player pointer.
    Added pettp pointer.

    Changed Ashita::AS_String returns to normal const char* for dll bounds crash fixes.

    Fixed target structure.
    Updated Ashita for latest game update.

    Refixed entity structure.
    Updated Ashita to VS2015.
    Fixed broken entity structure.
    Fixed broken inventory structure.
    Fixed bug in logger code.
    Updated README file.
    Blocked new Supernova IP address.
    Fixed broken player pointer and offset.
    Fixed broken sub-target structure.
    Fixed broken spell dat parsing.

    Fixed a bug with the configuration manager. (Bool values.)

    Fixed broken entity structure.
    Fixed broken inventory structure.
    Fixed broken player structure.
    Fixed broken player pointer.
    Fixed broken recast pointer.

    Removed the omp requirement.
    More server blocking.
    Fixed a crash in the resource manager with specific invalid item names.
    Changed spell entry CastTime to no longer be automatically divided by 4 for users. (Due to precision lost.)

    Bumped interface version.
    Adjusted some debug output for the resource manager.
    Added benchmark clocking to resource manager.
    Adjusted item strings to be const chars.
    Fixed crash in deconstruction of items from the resource parser.
    Fixed keybind issue.
    Fixed crash inside of plugin manager.
    Fixed missing default string settings inside of the resource parser.
    Adjusted the d3dfont to allocate proper sizes for higher resolution fonts.
    Adjusted the font quality of font objects to use clear type instead of proofing.
    Adjusted the pitch of fonts.

    Parser Changes
     - [CHG] Dat parsing is now threaded for faster caching and load times.
     - [FIX] Fixed the bitmap header that is applied to images. (Size was incorrect and header length was wrong.)
     - [CHG] The spell and ability parsing has been rewritten to mimic the game functions.
     - [CHG] String parsing of items has been rewritten and optimized.

    IAbility Changes
     - [ADD] Added new field, Element.
     - [ADD] Added new field, MonsterLevel.
     - [ADD] Added new field, Range.
     - [CHG] Changed ListIcon field to unsigned short.
     - [CHG] Changed TP field to signed char.
     - [CHG] Name and Description size changed from 5 to 3. (European languages are no longer supported.)
     - [REM] Removed field, Cat.

    ISpell Changes
     - [CHG] Renamed ID to Index.
     - [CHG] Renamed ValidTarget to ValidTargets.
     - [CHG] Renamed MP to MPCost.
     - [CHG] Renamed Cast to CastTime.
     - [CHG] Renamed Recast to RecastDelay.
     - [CHG] Renamed RequiredLevel to LevelRequired.
     - [CHG] Renamed ResourceID to ID.
     - [CHG] Renamed IconIndex/IconIndex2 to ListIcon1 and ListIcon2.
     - [CHG] Unknown0000 is now Requirements.
     - [CHG] Unknown0001 is now Range. (Range is also changed to a signed char.)
     - [CHG] Unknown0002 is now Unknown0000. (Size is reduced by 1 and EOE is added to end of structure.)
     - [CHG] Name and Description size changed from 5 to 3. (European languages are no longer supported.)

    IItem Changes
     - [FIX] Image information should now be fully correct for all items. (Size, Type, Name, and Bitmap data.)
     - [ADD] Added new field, PuppetSlot. (Populated by puppet items.)
     - [ADD] Added new field, InstinctCost.
     - [ADD] Added new field, MonipulatorID.
     - [ADD] Added new field, MonipulatorName.
     - [ADD] Added new field, MonipulatorAbilities.
     - [CHG] Renamed Slot to Slots.
     - [CHG] CastTime is now an unsigned short (shared with different item types).
     - [CHG] Renamed UseDelay to CastDelay.
     - [CHG] Renamed ReuseDelay to RecastDelay.
     - [CHG] Renamed Elements to PuppetElements;
     - [CHG] Name, Description, LogNameSingular, and LogNamePlural are all now arrays based on language. (0 = default, 1 = Japanese, 2 = English)
     - [REM] Removed field, Var1.
     - [REM] Removed field, Var2.

    ResourceManager Changes
     - [FIX] Fixed issues with all the 'Get' functions causing the cache to grow when invalid information was requested.
     - [CHG] GetItemByName now expects a language id. (GetItemByName(name, id))

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