Ashita v2.3.0.0 - New UI System!

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Ashita v2.3.0.0 - New UI System!

Post by atom0s » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:52 pm

Hello everyone,

I have just released the latest version of Ashita, v2.3.0.0 which mainly includes the new GUI system available for addon and plugin developers!
This new UI system is a lot more customizable and offers a ton more controls than the AnTweakBar implementation we were using.

  • Interface Version 2.0
  • Removed: AS_String has been removed from Ashita. The ADK AS_String.h file will now error on usage. Within the next month that file will be gone completely.
  • Changed: All instances of AS_String (internally) have been changed to std::string, all exposed usages are changed to const char*.
  • Added: New UI system. ImGui -
    • Addons: Addons can access the new UI system via the 'imgui' object in Lua.
    • Addons: Addons can use the new imguidef.lua library file for assistance with working with the new UI system.
    • Plugins: Plugins can access the new UI system via the 'm_AshitaCore->GetImGuiManager()'
    • Plugins: A new header in the ADK exists for the new UI system. (imgui.h)
  • Changed: Tweaked the rendering order of internal objects.
  • Changed: Tweaked the input handling within Ashita for the new UI system.
  • Changed: Addons.dll plugin updated to version 2.0 to implement the new UI system.
Download ... Ashita.exe

This will download the Ashita launcher which will then download all the updated Ashita files.
After download, any time you launch the Ashita.exe file, it will continue to keep the Ashita files updated.

Addon developers can find information on how to use the new UI system here: ... ions:imgui

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