[RELEASE] Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 Proxy v1.1.0.0

News and releases for the Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 proxy created specifically for Final Fantasy XI.
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[RELEASE] Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 Proxy v1.1.0.0

Post by atom0s » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:59 pm

Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 Proxy
Final Fantasy XI in Direct3D9!

  • This project is released for free in hopes to help fix issues with playing the game on laptops that have switchable graphics. Donations can be made to show your appreciation to my work and a way to say thanks if this project has helped fix any issues you may have had. Donations are also what encourage me to continue working on this project in the future if other bugs and problems arise. Any amount is appreciated and I am thankful to anyone that does donate. I hope this project can help fix your issues like it has mine. :)

    I accept donations through Paypal. You can donate, even without an account, by using this link:
    https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... Q2GRT6KUJN

  • CHG: Removed the anti-Windower blocks; the library has been deemed stable at this point so there is no need to block it any longer.
  • CHG: Updated the project to VS2017. (Dropped support for Windows XP.)
v1.0.0.0 to v1.0.0.2
  • FIX: Fixed some memory leak issues causing the game to eventually crash.
  • FIX: Implemented a better ref count system and object manager to prevent duplicate surfaces/textures being created for no reason.
  • ADD: Added check for zbuffer discarding based on present parameters.
  • FIX: Fixed some parameter names to various functions from my proxy generator project.
  • FIX: Fixed and removed some debug code.
  • FIX: Fixed some typo's in the shader creations.
  • CHG: Changed and adjusted the naming of objects to be more consistent.
  • ADD: Added safety macros to cleanup some code and ensure object releasing/deleting was done properly.
  • ADD: Added new configuration manager to parse and make use of the new d3d8.ini file.
  • ADD: Added various new configurations to be used.
  • ADD: Added some rendering-specific changes (Force-flushing / render state overrides.)
  • CHG: Changed and cleaned up various parts of the projects code.
  • CHG: Changed some headers to be more robust and cleaned up their code.
  • CHG: Adjusted the force flush code to cleanup some unneeded every-frame parsing.
  • REM: Removed some old debug code.
  • FIX: Fixed and updated the copyrights across the project source code.
  • ADD: Added create texture overrides to the config file.
  • FIX: Fixed some settings default values in the default d3d8.ini file.
  • FIX: Fixed proxy usage not working properly when set to disabled in the ini file.
  • REM: Removed some debug code and outputs while in release mode.
  • REM: Removed some unneeded render state code.
  • ADD: Added some comments to various code chunks that need some explaining if others join the team and help maintain this project.
  • CHG: Adjusted some variables that could be made into consts.
  • CHG: Adjusted some more releasing/deleting code to make use of the safety macros.
  • FIX: Added new fix and configurations to make shadows and lighting work properly on all machines.
  • CHG: Cleaned up some texture code.
  • CHG: Cleaned up some shader code.
  • CHG: Updated the included read me and d3d8.ini files.
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Re: [RELEASE] Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 Proxy v1.1.0.0

Post by atom0s » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:02 pm

Anti-Windower Support Removed

Hello everyone, this update of the proxy has the anti-Windower code removed; allowing this library to work for all clients now. (Ashita, Windower, Stock Retail, etc.) At this point in time, the proxy has been deemed stable and thus no longer needs to have this block in place to avoid conflicting reports.

Please note; while this will now work with Windower, I do not support Windower in any capacity. I do not use or touch Windower at all so you are on your own if you decide to use this with Windower. You are free to report general bugs and issues but if you have crashes or other Windower related problems, you will not get any support for things like that.

Ashita is still the recommended platform to use with this proxy as it is what it was made with, for, and tested against.

You will also now need to install the VS2017 Redist for this to work. You can download that here:

(Again, this is a 32bit project, you must install the 32bit version of the redist. not the 64bit version for this to work!)
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