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Re: Window resize

Post by atom0s » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:29 pm

Aqeeb wrote:
Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:21 pm
The driver was the only change I made when the issue stopped. I did read some where that keeping the stock Intel graphics driver and updating the NVidia driver could create conflicts. Maybe I had a newer Nvidia driver and Intels newest release fixed the compatibility on their end?

Edit: I read this back when I first bought this laptop and was introduced to the plague that is Optimus about 2 years ago now.
I know the feeling with Optimus. I had a Lenovo laptop before I got my new MSI gaming one. The nightmare that is Optimus is even worse on non-gaming brand laptops such as Lenovo. They mod the chip and default driver so much that you are literally forced to use the Lenovo specific driver for the chip. That said, they never update that driver to newer revisions so yo7u are stuck with an outdated driver for a fairly recent chip. (My Lenovo had a 970m in it, driver version locked at 332.10.) The laptop is not even that old, and a 970m chip for its time was one tier less than the best available in the mobile series. If you tried to install a normal series driver from Nvidia you'd just bluescreen anytime you tried to play anything. It was a total nightmare to deal with. Lenovo's support was a complete and total useless timesink trying to talk to anyone that wasn't a braindead intern as well.

I recently got an MSI gaming laptop with a 1060m in it, drivers come straight from Nvidia without hassle or issue. Which made life so much better.

Lesson learned on my part, don't buy shitty brands like Lenovo in the future.
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