Yuhtunga Jungle Download

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FFXI HD Overhaul
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Yuhtunga Jungle Download

Post by Amelila » Sun May 13, 2018 9:09 pm

Final Fantasy XI HD Overhaul
-=Yuhtunga Jungle=-

The Yuhtunga Jungle HD Overhaul is here! This zone features extremely high detail, custom textures and features my Baked Bump Mapping technique. I have made certain creative alterations to certain textures, given the HD version of that exact version simply didn't feel right with such detail.

Powerful video card recommended! Be sure your FFXI Config settings for Background Resolution are set as high as possible. Be sure FXAA anti-aliasing is disabled in your video card options, as ReShade will be using this already.

***Best viewed with my "Beautiful Lens FX" preset, included in the download***


Please consider donating to this project!

I will NEVER charge money for these Mods, but if you would like to help make a real difference, click the link above. You may make a one-time contribution or a monthly donation. Thank you!

*note* there is one section of ground terrain, isolated to tunnel entrances that does not match. This is a direct result of memory-saving short cuts made for the original game (PS2). At HD resolution, there is no way around it.

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