[README] Third-Party Application Rules

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[README] Third-Party Application Rules

Post by atom0s » Sat May 14, 2016 7:33 pm

Please be advised while we support the open development of most projects, there are some rules against what can be posted on this forum.
  • Projects that require a subscription / donation to use may not be posted here. (Asking for donations is fine.)
  • Projects that harm others are not permitted.
  • Projects that harm others computers are not permitted.
  • Projects that contain adware/shareware/bloatware/malware/trojans/virus' etc. are not permitted.
  • Projects that hide their purpose or secretly collect data are not permitted.
  • Projects that contain harmful material, explicit material (such as child porn), warez/cracks/etc. are not permitted.
These rules are subject to change as things are posted. Please understand that these rules are here to help protect users.
Your application may be removed at any time, without notice, if we feel it is against the rules or harmful to others.

By using the applications from this section, you agree that you are taking a risk in damaging your computer, getting your character banned, etc.
The Ashita development team takes no responsibility for the things posted in this section.
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