Ashita Launcher v3.0.0.0

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Ashita Launcher v3.0.0.0

Post by atom0s » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:59 pm

Hello everyone,

Tonight I am releasing the latest version of the Ashita launcher / injector. This is a complete rewrite from the original one.
You can automatically get this update by allowing Ashita to download the launcher update.

If your update fails to an error stating it could not shut down running Ashita processes, simply copy the Ashita.exe file that is within the updates folder over the Ashita.exe in your main folder.
This issue should hopefully be resolved with this new launcher as well.

In order to make use of the new Launcher properly, you must have at least .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed. You can download it, for free, from Microsoft here: ... x?id=42642

You can manually download the new launcher here: ... Ashita.exe

  • Change: Complete project rewrite.
  • Change: Updated the various internal libraries used.
  • Change: Full overhaul of the UI to be more appealing.
  • Remove: No longer making use of the MahApps.Metro library.
  • Add: Added navigation icons to the header for easy access to the various Ashita sites.
  • Add: Configurations can now be double clicked to launch instead of requiring you to press the play button.
  • Add: Configurations now have a right-click menu for faster access to various options.
  • Add: Configurations now display if their window mode status.
  • Add: Configurations can now be force-reloaded.
  • Fix: Configurations will no longer automatically recreate the 3 basic configurations if you delete them. (These will only be created if Ashita.dll is not present, signifying a first launch.)
  • Fix: Configurations will now properly update on the configuration list after being edited.
  • Fix: Addons / Plugins should properly display their install status now. (Minor issue some had with the previous launcher.)
  • Change: Full overhaul of the configuration editor.
  • Add: Configuration editor now includes some basic help info for those that are unsure of what does what.
  • Change: Ashita's launcher now makes use of major async operations to allow things to be much faster.
  • Change: Ashita's downloading system has been slightly tweaked to hopefully increase download speeds for some.
  • Change: Increased the timeout period of Ashita's downloading system for users with slower end systems. This should prevent invalid timeouts from happening.
  • Remove: Removed various unneeded assets and code that may have lingered around.
  • Change: The error messages that are produced by Ashita should now be more detailed in the event it fails to inject / launch the game.
  • Add: Ashita will now display full exception information on unhandled crashes. You can use this info to report bugs easier.
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