Ashita v2.3.1.0 - Packet Adjustments

Past news that pertained to Ashita v2 that is now archived.
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Ashita v2.3.1.0 - Packet Adjustments

Post by atom0s » Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:32 pm

Hello everyone,

Today is another update for Ashita, bringing us to v2.3.1.0.

  • Increased the buffer sizes Ashita will handle packets for.
  • Changed how packets are handled internally allowing them to be resized.
    • This change now prevents over-reading the packet buffers when handling Incoming/Outgoing packet handlers in plugins and addons.
    • This change now allows plugins to resize a packet as needed (up to a max of 512 bytes.) (You must manually change the size in the packet for this to work!)
Full credits go to Lolwutt for these changes.
His work on Dressme lead to him making these changes to Ashita to help speed up things by a factor of x20.

Download ... Ashita.exe
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