Dual Boxing [Laptop]

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Dual Boxing [Laptop]

Post by AlfyAru » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:41 am

[[Same error with Windower 4 - Might be my laptop]]


I'm currently having a problem trying to dual box Ashita. When I run one instance of XI and try to open another it shuts down or gives me an error

[Error] // No longer getting this error - I put Ashita in the proper Folder
System.Exception: Failed to install Ashita!

Error: 0
at Ashita.Classes.AshitaInjector.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<LaunchConfiguration>b__0()

[What I am Doing]
Open Ashita >> Run Windowed (800x??) Retail Version
Log in fully into my account / character >> able to run around and play

Try to open another Ashita Window by pressing Ashita.exe in my download folder

[At this point]
-Ashita will crash completely kicking me out the game
-OR Ashita will run but will not open another XI and give me the Error above.

What may be the problem here?

Also, I'm running the game on a 4k laptop... recently been running into issues because of my laptop being 4k was wondering if this may cause issues.

Thanks in advance!

- I have to restart my laptop to run Ashita again.
- I realized that I did not put Ashita in a proper folder location. I have now, and no longer get the Error, however I still can not dual box.
I Can Dual box up until I login into PlayOnline then both windows crash.
- Same problem with Windower 4 which leads me to believe its my Laptop
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Re: Dual Boxing [Laptop]

Post by atom0s » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:08 pm

Do you get the user control access popups asking you to run as admin and stuff? If so you need to disable that.
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